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Photography by Sherry Levasseur

Welcome to my web gallery.

I love taking pictures and playing on the computer. Consequently, I have been able to combine the two preoccupations with some interesting results. Nearly all of the images here were computer-enhanced to more accurately convey to viewers the emotions evoked by the objects/scenes, which I attempted to capture on film.

Accordingly, I hope that visitors will find in these images the nostalgia, excitement, serenity, or simply wonder that I felt compelled to recreate.

Enjoy, and feel free to contact me with your comments. Check out the Photo Restoration/Enhancement page for a sample of my work, and let me know if you have a photograph that needs restoration or enhancement. I'd be happy to give you an estimate for the job.

If you see an image you'd like to purchase, please contact me.  Thanks for visiting.

Please note that all photographs on this site are (c)Sherry Levasseur and may not be reproduced in any form without my express written consent.

Orange Rose; Actual size=300 pixels wide

(c) 2001 Sherry Levasseur