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Photography by Sherry Levasseur
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Photo Restoration/Enhancement

I've included some of my recent restorations/enhancements on this page. Please contact me for an estimate if you have images that need to be restored to their former beauty. Enhancements are generally done to correct problem photographs (too dark, too light, distracting elements), but some images make beautiful portraits.  Contact me for more information.

Original Scan.jpg

This original is a nearly-40-year-old proof. It is marred by numerous scratches, marks, and several large creases. Additionally, the poor lighting had produced numerous shadows and an uneven background, and the color has faded.


Before. . .

Old Family Photo.jpg

After Restoration

In this corrected image, you can even tell that the children have blue eyes! The shadows are gone, and the colors are clearer. The family is now the focus of the photograph, rather than the poor photography.

first kiss as man and wife.jpg

And after. . .